Storage Service

As the best Kamloops moving company, we have special storage areas just for you. Your stuff will be super safe in our place that has a gate and is watched all the time. If you’re not sure how much space you need, we can help you figure it out. No matter what size your things are or how long you need to keep them, we’ve got the right storage for you. We promise to take really good care of your things. Our place is always clean and super safe. You can call us at 1234567890 if you need any help with storing your stuff. We don’t have any hidden fees or surprises. You can tell us over the phone if you want us to pick up or deliver your stuff. And if you want to get your things from our long-term storage, just let us know 48 hours before.

We promise you’ll be very happy with our storage services. We also work with other really good storage places in the province to make your move really easy. We check everything many times to make sure everything is perfect for you. But if you think we can do something better, please tell us. We have all the right things to keep your items safe. Call us now to start planning your move!

Your Things Will Be Super Safe With Us

At Long Distance Moving Company Kamloops, we want to make sure you get the best service. When we store your things, we look out for anything that could hurt them. For example, in other places, things like changing temperatures, wetness, bugs, not being clean, and not being safe are big problems. But in our place, we control the temperature so it doesn’t change, and we make sure it’s not too wet. We also make sure there are no bugs and our place is always clean.

Before you put your things in storage, you need to pack them really well. This is to keep them safe when they’re being moved and to save space in storage. Packing can be hard, but we can help. Our professional packers can help you. We can save you time and make sure your things are packed really well. Then we’ll take your things to our place in Kamloops and keep them super safe for you.

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